Time to meet each other! 


In this step we get to know you and your brand. We find out what your goals are and what the message is that you want to share with the world. 


Together we work on the basis of a nice concept. Feel free to bring your brandbook so that we already have a number of guidelines. 


In addition, we will work out a suitable video strategy for you. With our YouTube certified marketer, we ensure a smooth start every time. 


Your concept becomes more defined! 


All practical aspects of the production are taken care of. Nobody wants a day's work where everything goes wrong. Visually, everything takes shape on the basis of a storyboard. The best team is put together and informed of their role via a call sheet. 


When it comes to an animation video, the character design is made in this phase. 



Yes, your hair looks fine! 

During the day(s) of production, all recordings take place. We will come to the production site with the necessary material to fully realize the concept as it has been worked out on the storyboard. 


The same goes for animation. The concept of the storyboard is also created here. 


Creating the right vibe! 


The most beautiful images are glued together during assembly. The right music, some colour adjustments, some subtitles are added and so the concept gets its final form.  


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