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Zomerslag 2021, a multidisciplinair festival in the heart of Genk

an initiative from C-mine Genk, During the summer of 2021 there was a big multidisciplinair festival between the two old pit towers. C-mine asked us to shoot an aftermovie, the result is a short aftermovie of 30 seconds which highlights the whole program and different wonderful activities of Zomerslag 2021

Hasselt Uitpas,  a collect and advantage card for discovering the city.

The UITPAS is a card from the city of Hasselt which is available for everyone, people from and not from Hasselt. With this card they can save points which in turn gives them advantages such as free tickets or discounts on certain events. For this card we made a short animation video so that everyone had a clear view of what UITPAS is.

Innovative limburg

Everyone knows Limburg as one of the most sociable provinces with a strong sense of community. But at the same time it’s also one of the most innovating provinces on the subject of sustainable technologie in sectors such as the medical sector, the construction sector and the car industry. We made a quality video from around 5 minutes in which we showed every strong point of the province in a clear way.

Aftermovie Tim Walker 'Wonderful things'

Being flown over from London, everyone in and around Genk was beyond excited to go check the new expo from famous vogue photographer Tim Walker. The expo was a great success with it reaching around 18.000 visitors with visitors coming from all around belgium to go see the expo. We teamed up with C-mine Genk to put the beauty of the expo on video and make sure that everyone around Belgium couldn’t wait to visit the wonderful things of Tim walker.

Brands that love our approach 

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